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Youth Ministry Guidelines

Guidelines, procedures and recommendations for parish Youth Ministers and Youth Leaders.

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A Note to Parish Leaders

The publication of these Youth Ministry Risk Management Guidelines represent an important step in the care and nurture of youth throughout the Diocese. Many Parish /Youth Ministry leaders already employ the strategies noted here, but at the very least, these guidelines will affirm the good work that is being done.

These guidelines should be a source of help in the preparation for the work you do with youth. The purpose here is to manage our risk, not to remove all risk. To eliminate all risk would be to do nothing at all with youth and the gospel calls us far beyond that. Finally, these guidelines are a living document with the full intent of periodic revisions to meet the needs of a changing world and always to respond with the deepest care for our youth.



Victoria Ramon
Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries

Melissa Loza
Administrative Assistant

The Diocese of Fort Worth is dedicated to a Safe Environment. We offer extensive and mandatory training for all employees and volunteers. Please contact the Safe Environment office if you need assistance or to report an abuse or concern.

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