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Application Forms

1. These forms must be completely filled out in order to be accepted.
2. Do not submit an application form without a trained and approved Advocate.
3. If you don't have an Advocate, please go here.

Marriage Declaration of Nullity Forms

First Discernment

Lack of Canonical Form
Ligamen Form
Pauline Privilege
Non-Consummation Application & Questionnaire
Favor of Faith Application & Questionnaire

Libellus & Application
Marital Assessment & Questionnaire for Petitioner and Respondent
Convalidation Questionnaire

Witness Handout for Petitioners

Marriage Sanatio and Wedding Celebration

Sanatio Form
Nihil Obstat Requirements Checklist



Very Rev. Timothy Thompson, JCL
Judicial Vicar

Rev. Sam Ferix Antony Jesu Antony, SAC
Adjutant Judicial Vicar

Cheyenne Marrinan
Office Manager

Marisol Castrellon
Ecclesiastical Notary

Dagcy Castañeda
Ecclesiastical Notary

Antonio Sanchez
Ecclesiastical Notary

Nihil Obstat, Sanatio & Lack of Form

The Diocese of Fort Worth is dedicated to a Safe Environment. We offer extensive and mandatory training for all employees and volunteers. Please contact the Safe Environment office if you need assistance or to report an abuse or concern.

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