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Cursillo (pronounced kur-SEE-yo) is a Spanish word meaning "short course". The full title is Cursillo de Christiandad, meaning a short course in Christian living. Cursillo opens us up to a deeper relationship with Christ and presents a method of Christian living so we can make a difference for Christ in the world around us. The Cursillo method helps individuals understand the calling of all Christians to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised at work, in family life, social life, in leisure activities, and within the church.

Cursillo is not a substitute for your parish church. Rather, is designed to help you renew and enhance your Christian life, thereby enabling you to function more fully within your parish. Growing closer to Christ and bringing Christ to the world is not an easy task. It is a lifelong commitment. The Cursillo method, as a tool in fulfilling this commitment, is also ongoing, unlike one-time events such as seminars or encounter weekends.

The Cursillo method has 3 major components: The Weekend, Group Reunion, & Ultreyas.

The Weekend
  • The Cursillo method includes a three-day weekend, which begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday. During this time, talks are given by lay persons and clergy, who have spent a significant amount of time praying and working together, planning and preparing for the weekend.
  • The weekend is an opportunity to meet other individuals who are seeking to strengthen their faith.
  • It provides an opportunity through shared prayer, worship, singing, study, fellowship, discussion, and new friendships to experience the reality of the gift of God’s grace.
  • The Cursillo weekend is not a retreat, nor is there any fasting or extended periods of silence.
  • There are Chapel visits and the Eucharist is celebrated daily.
  • Cursillistas (persons who have made a Cursillo weekend) return from the weekend with a renewed commitment to grow closer to Christ and to work for Christ.

To maintain this commitment, Cursillistas are encouraged to join in the activities of the community of persons who have also experienced a Cursillo weekend. The purpose of this Cursillo community is to give continued strength and support to one another so that each person might continue to grow in faith and develop their particular gifts of ministry.

Group Reunion

The group reunion is a small group of Cursillistas that meet on a regular basis for mutual encouragement and support in their efforts to stay close to Christ and serve Him.

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These are meetings of larger groups of people who have either participated in a weekend or who might be interested in doing so. Here they share and witness to others in order to reinforce the Church and their own faith.

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Diocesan Cursillo Movement

Diocesan Cursillo contacts:

Chris Flemister
English Cursillo Lay Director


Modesto Romero
Hispanic Cursillo Lay Director

Maria Banh Tran Minh Thu
Vietnamese Cursillo Lay Director



Cursillo Application
Cursillo Application for Team Formation

National Cursillo Movement

National Cursillo Center Contacts:

  • National Cursillo Service Administrator - Hoang Trang
  • National English Coordinator - Ceferino Aguilon, Jr.
  • National Hispanic Coordinator - Juan Ruiz
  • National Vietnamese Coordinator - Vincent Tin Pham

National Cursillo Center USA
P.O. Box 799, Jarrell, Texas - 76537 

Please call the Jarrell office at 512-746-2020 (fax 512-746-2030) for additional information.



Dcn. Rigoberto Leyva
Director of Hispanic Ministry

Monica Martinez
Administrative Assistant

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