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Pastoral Juvenil Council

The Council of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (PJH) of the Diocese of Fort Worth is the body that brings together and coordinates all Hispanic Groups, Movements, and Communities (GMC) of Hispanic youth and represents them before other Church organizations. The Pastoral Council is composed of a Board and an Assembly.

Upcoming Meetings

The Council of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana of the Diocese of Fort Worth meets regularly to plan, organize, and promote events. Click on the calendar to find out the date of the next meeting.

The functions of the Pastoral Council are as follows:

  • Coordinate and represent the GMCs of Hispanic Youth Ministry in the Diocese
  • Organize, carry out, and promote youth activities
  • Accommodate, evaluate, and support youth initiatives
  • Convene a General Assembly of all members of the GMCs of the Diocese of Fort Worth when there are topics of general interest, important visitors or celebrations.
  • Collaborate with initiatives of the Diocese and the National Network of Hispanic Youth Ministry

Other functions:

  • Be the voice of young people
  • Exercise leadership
  • Propose and promote activities according to the PJH Assembly, the Diocese, and the National Network

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Council Contacts

Deicy Martinez

Karla Silva
Sub - Coordinator

Jose Fernando Salazar

Carlos Balderas

Anzony Lupercio
Social Media

Fatima Perez



Dcn. Rigoberto Leyva
Director of Hispanic Ministry

Monica Martinez
Administrative Assistant

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