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Find Your Deanery Advocate

A list of all the Parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, the Deanery they belong to, and the Advocate(s) you should contact for assistance

Steps to Find Your Deanery Advocate

  • Find your residence or parish location by zooming in on the map.
  • Click on the parish marker to display the Advocate's contact information.
  • Contact your parish advocate.

Arlington Area Deanery
East Central Deanery
West Central Deanery
Northeast Deanery

North Deanery
South Deanery
Northwest Deanery
Southwest Deanery

Defensor Principal

El Defensor Principal o la Defensora Principal Adjunto pueden asistirlo en localizar al Defensor de su Parroquia/Iglesia. Favor de ponerse en contacto con ellos para obtener asistencia.

Dcn. Jesus Valadez
Defensor Principal del Decanato

Elvia Acevedo
Defensor Principal Adjunto

Người Biện Hộ Chính

Người Biện Hộ Chính có thể giúp quý vị tìm một Người Biện Hộ trong giáo xứ hoặc gần nơi quý vị ở. Xin vui lòng liên lạc cha để được hỗ trợ.

Rev. Augustine An Hong Pham, CRM
Người Biện Hộ Chính



Very Rev. Timothy Thompson, JCL
Judicial Vicar

Rev. Sam Ferix Antony Jesu Antony, SAC
Adjutant Judicial Vicar

Cheyenne Marrinan
Office Manager

Marisol Castrellon
Ecclesiastical Notary

Cindy Muñoz
Ecclesiastical Notary

Dagcy Castañeda
Ecclesiastical Notary

Nihil Obstat, Sanatio & Lack of Form

The Diocese of Fort Worth is dedicated to a Safe Environment. We offer extensive and mandatory training for all employees and volunteers. Please contact the Safe Environment office if you need assistance or to report an abuse or concern.

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