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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning is the practice of observing and charting fertility signs to determine accurately when a woman is fertile and when she is infertile. When you want to achieve pregnancy, NFP helps you identify the most fertile time. When you want to avoid pregnancy, you abstain from genital contact during the fertile time.

What are the different methods of Natural Family Planning?

  • Billings Ovulation Method
  • Couple to Couple League Sympto-Thermal Method
  • Creighton Model FertilityCare TM System
  • Marquette Model Natural Family Planning

How long does Natural Family Planning take?

Depending on the method or instructor, it can take one to three months to complete the course.

How can I register for Natural Family Planning Courses?

  • ONLINE NFP Classes
    You can register for classes the instructors have scheduled and have preset dates/times. You are working directly with the instructor; payment must be made to the instructor. Prices vary depending on the method and instructor. This page includes LIVE ONLINE and Onsite if there is an address listed. (Time Frame: 1 to 3 months.)
  • ONLINE NFP Classes
    You can register for classes with the Diocese online program for $125. Payment is made on the Diocese registration page. Once assigned to the instructor, the instructor will provide you with their schedule. There is a waiting list that can vary in time frame depending on the availability of the instructors. (Time Frame: 1-month waiting list plus the 1 to 3 months it takes to complete the course.)
  • Methods and Instructors
    You can contact the instructor directly to work with them and schedule one-on-one classes with your specific dates and times. Prices vary depending on the method and instructor. (Time Frame: 1 to 3 months)

When can I register for Natural Family Planning?

As soon as possible, the more time, the better. Ideally, we want you to start NFP 6 months before your wedding date. Please give yourself enough time to complete Natural Family Planning at least two months before your wedding date.

Do I have to complete Pre-Cana or Fully Engage first?

No, you can do both simultaneously if you plan accordingly and they don’t coincide.

Do we both have to be present during the course? Can we connect from different locations?

  • Yes, it’s marriage preparation for you both.
  • Yes, if you do Online classes, you can connect from different locations.

How long are the classes?

It depends on the method/instructor. It can go from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What happens if these classes do not work with my schedule?

We have a few instructors that teach classes by appointment. Please fill out the following form or get in touch with the NFP Coordinator. FORM LINK

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Brenda Reyes de Lara, NFP Coordinator.



Brenda Reyes de Lara
Natural Family Planning Coordinator

Chris Vaughan
Director of Marriage & Family Life

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