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Diocesan Mission Council

Fort Worth Diocese Crest Given that the very nature of the Church is missionary (Ad Gentes), the Diocese of Fort Worth established Her Mission Council to bear faithful witness to Jesus Christ by animating and supporting mission outreach. With the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Diocesan Mission Council will strive to accomplish this through prayer, education and service.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • To support, communicate, and execute on the larger purpose of the Diocesan Mission Council as a means of assisting the Bishop to serve mission activities and relationships both locally and universally.
  • To form, train, and inspire parishes, schools, and other ministries in their innate responsibility to proclaim the Good News, and to animate a missionary culture sensitive to service for others so as to broaden one's experience of discipleship.
  • To research, assess, and report on historical and developing documents and ministries that provide concrete ways to engage in missionary service opportunities—locally and internationally—in order to strengthen a missionary spirit and to care for those in need.
  • To develop and communicate strong messaging that supports Church evangelization efforts—such as the Year of Faith—as they pertain to discipleship and mission.


The Diocesan Mission Council provides knowledge of mission through an advisory and consultative service to the Bishop and the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Council Members

  • Rev. Thomas J. Craig, Chair
  • Colleen Cargile
  • Bob Eilenfeldt
  • Felicia Gehrig
  • Rev. Stephen Jasso, TOR
  • Rev. Jack McKone
  • Al Mirabal
  • Sr. Roberta Hesse, SSMN
  • Mark Lukowiak
  • Jean Meehan
  • Debra Neely
  • Tom Snodgrass
  • Annette Snodgrass




Rev. Thomas J. Craig
Director of Propagation of the Faith

Monica Rolling
Administrative Assistant

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