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The office of Deacons assists the Bishop in care, guidance, and support of deacons through communication and personal contact. It promotes deacons' spiritual, intellectual, and ministerial development and helps promote harmonious deacon-pastor relationships. The office of Deacons also assists in the assignment of deacons.

The Deacon’s Ministry

Saint John Paul II has said that the deacon’s ministry is "the Church’s service sacramentalized." The deacon’s service in the Church’s ministry of word and liturgy would be severely deficient if his exemplary witness and assistance in the Church’s ministry of charity and justice did not accompany it. He also affirms that at the very heart of the diaconate is a calling to be a servant of the mysteries of Christ and to his brothers and sisters. These two dimensions are inseparably joined together and show the importance of the nature of the ministry which is given by ordination. (National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States, 36)




Dcn. Don Warner
Director of Deacons

Patricia Solis
Administrative Assistant

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