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Lay all your cares about the future trustingly in God’s hands, and let yourself be guided by the Lord just like a little child...

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Discerning Your Vocation

A woman lovingly looks at the cross she is holding in her hands. All of us have a vocation. God has blessed each of us with a purpose, as well as certain unique abilities and talents. If you are visiting this page, you are likely discerning a vocation to the Religious / Consecrated Life. To better understand what a vocation is and how it applies to you, continue reading...

God created us to know, love and serve Him. He created us in His image, male and female. In every human being can be found both His image and likeness. This theological mystery is at the center of all meaning. From this non-competitive interplay of divine and human, we find the ability to be special and to create a world that reflects the originality and magnanimity of God.

A vocation is the will of God, discerned by hearing and responding to the voice of the Creator. There is no single greater call than the persistent and enduring design of God.

As Catholics we celebrate the fact that we are not meaningless creatures that are burdened with creating our own destiny. In fact, our destiny is to rejoin God in beatitude, to use this pilgrim life on Earth to proclaim the Gospel and to recreate the world.

A vocation therefore, is to respond repeatedly to the voice of our Father in heaven and to spread the flame of love all over the world. It is to proclaim Jesus Christ and to be a witness of His love in the places that He is needed most. We all have an invitation to be a part of the world that yearns to see the face of God, even in the ordinary and secular.

Women are encouraged to contact the Vocations Office for assistance in discerning whether God is calling them to a vocation to the Religious/Consecrated Life.



Josie Castillo
Administrative Associate

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