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Discernment of the Call

Personal Discernment

The first strings of a vocation to the diaconate are often explored at a personal level and usually begin with seeking information about the diaconate and formation. The pastor, the deacon and parish staff are a particular resource at this time. The inquirer may contact the Director of Diaconal Formation for an initial interview.

Family Discernment

If the one discerning is married, he should pay particular attention to discussing a possible calling with the spouse and family. The initial information and conversations with the pastor, or deacon should assist and encourage the conversation between the inquirer and the spouse. For a married man the consent and support of the spouse is required. Both spouses need to make sure that support and consent, even at this early stage of discernment, arise from an informed understanding.

Communal Discernment

An inquiry and eventual application for entrance into diaconate formation is not just a personal and family journey. The Church must accompany it. An inquiry about the diaconate and the formation process eventually includes the diocesan Church. The Office of Diaconate Formation provides monthly discernment sessions, exploration of the criteria for a diaconal vocation and particular counsel. When the inquirer is presented by his pastor and submits an application, the formal process for admission begins.



Dcn. Rodney Asebedo
Director of Diaconal Formation

Paola Quintero-Araújo, MA
Assistant Director of Pastoral Formation

Sr. Anne Frances Ai Le, OP, PhD, MATS
Assistant Director of Intellectual Formation

Dcn. Scott France
Diaconate Vocations Liaison and Coordinator of Aspirants Formation

Patricia Solis
Administrative Assistant

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