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Special Collections

Throughout the year, parishes throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth take up special collections to support the work of Christ in our Diocese, in the United States and throughout the world. Please give generously when these collections are announced in your parish.

Special Collections (2018)
Special Collections (2019)

World Mission Sunday

Propagation of the Faith

October 20-21, 2018

World Mission SundayWorld Mission Sunday joins all Catholics of the world into one community of faith and rejoices in our unity as children of God. On World Mission Sunday we have an opportunity to support the life-giving presence of the Church among the poor and marginalized in more than 1,111 mission dioceses. This collection ensures the work and service of the mission Church, as it supports priests, religious and lay leaders who offer the Lord’s mercy and concrete help to communities who are most vulnerable.

Give generously when this collection is taken in your parish, or donate securely now.

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Text-to-Give: Text (MISSION to 91999)

Diocesan Special Collections

Diocesan Special Collections

National Special Collections

National Special Collections

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