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Educate the Children Honduras

Video: Students must cross rivers that are overflowing their banks during the rainy season in order to attend classes.


HondurasHurricane Mitch hits Central America Oct. 26, 1999. It was the most deadliest storm to hit the Western Hemisphere in more than 200 years, killing thousands of people and nearly threequarters of crops were destroyed, resulting in a huge economic loss.

After the devastation, a group of people from the Diocese of Fort Worth went to Honduras and when they returned, they started working on a way to assist them.

This is when Educate the Children Honduras (ETC-H) was formed. Funds raised built the schools in the remote areas of Olancho (Valle Alegre and Barro Seales) and they were completed in 2005. In Honduras, the government only provides education to the 6th grade and limited education from 7th-11th grades. The areas where the government does not provide higher education, the parents take on the responsibility to provide education for their children.

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About Our Work

A teacher instructs a classroom of students.
A teacher instructs a classroom of students.

The Honduras government stops educating children at the 6th grade level. ETC Honduras then picks up where the government stops and provides education from 7th-11th grade in these poverty mountainous regions. Funds from your donations pays for children scholarships (uniforms, books, supplies), teacher salaries, classroom supplies, special projects (i.e. student chairs, white boards, projectors).

When ETC Honduras was created the objective was to provide education to the 11th grade, giving them an opportunity to get a better paying job and bringing them out of the coffee fields. Twelve years later, we are expanding this objective, ETC-H is now encouraging these children to set goals to achieve an even higher education.

Today, ETC Honduras’s newest endeavor is a coffee project. The funds from this project will help to support graduating students from Barro Seales and Valle Alegre to further their education beyond the 11th grade.

How you can help, sponsor or donate

Children walking to school.
Many children walk long distances in order to attend school.

Pray, discern and become a sponsor.

Your prayers, discernment and donation has a direct impact on hundreds of children from poverty-stricken areas in Honduras. You become the inspiration for them to dream about a better future, a pathway to end the cycle of poverty. It takes $30.00/mo ($360.00/yr) or a one-time donation of your ability to give, to make a significant difference is a child’s life.

For additional information, please click on the links below to read about our former and current students attending our schools.

You can specify to which account you want your donation to go:

  • General — Funds the annual budget for teacher salaries, school maintenance, classroom furnishing and supplies.
  • Sponsorship — Funds are used to support a child’s education (includes uniforms, supplies and backpacks).
  • Cathedral Parish Special Projects — Coffee project and university tuition.

Donations can be made monthly or annually by check, credit card and automatic withdrawal and 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% goes directly to support the schools.

Donate Online:

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Volunteer Your Time

ETC Honduras is coordinated completely by volunteers. If you have any of the following skills: bilingual, marketing, computer, organizational, fund raising and/or administration, we needyour help. Please contact an Educate the Children Honduras representative.

Current Activities

Father Hector Suarez celebrates Mass in thanks for the fruits of the land in Valle Alegre. Afterwards, the youth danced to folkloric music.

ETC Honduras
ETC Honduras
ETC Honduras
ETC Honduras

2018 Class Pictures

View pictures of the class of 2018 Barro Seales and Valle Alegre.

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2019 Class Pictures

In 2019, the students in Barro Seales were donated one microscope. These students were so excited that they waited patiently for their turn (54 students). This peaked their curiosity so much that the teachers are requesting support for more equipment including the possibility of even building a science lab. We are asking for the support of our community here in Fort Worth to help ETC-H achieve this request.

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ETC Honduras Contact

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