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ETC Bolivia
Educate the Children
Cabezas, Bolivia


How do I contribute?

For just $35.00 a month you can be a Child Sponsor or School Sponsor. You will have the joy of knowing you are helping give children a chance for a better life. Please complete the sponsorship pledge card (below) and mail it to the Catholic Center (See address below). Your contribution can be made monthly or annually by check, credit card or automatic withdrawal and is fully deductible.

Educate the Children Bolivia
Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth
800 West Loop 820 South
Fort Worth, TX 76108


Update from Father Thames:

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Pledge Card / Folleto y la inscripción:

Sponsorship Pledge Card


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About Educate the Children Bolivia

Learning to read and write is important to a child’s self-esteem, and even more importantly, education is essential for under developed countries to become self-sustaining societies. About 400+ children attend school (grades 6–12) coming from remote areas and very poor families in Cabezas, Bolivia. Fort Worth diocesan priest Father Robert Thames works in Bolivia and has developed a substantial program of pastoral care, medical clinics, and buildings – churches, clinics and schools.

You can help by sponsoring a child's education for $35 a month or $420 per year which helps supply tuition, meals, lodging, supplies, teachers, and utilities. This could be a wonderful opportunity for you and/or your children to connect with another culture as well as learn early the teachings of our faith about justice and charity.

The graduating class of 2012 from Nuestra Señora del Carmen school in Cabezas, Bolivia.


Who is an Educate the Children Bolivia Sponsor?

An Educate the Children Bolivia sponsor is someone who has made the decision to personally invest in children in need. Your sponsorship enables Senora Del Carmen school to defray the cost for a child to participate in a faith-based program that offers life changing benefits such as:

  • Education academic and vocational
  • social skills development
  • sacramental training

Your help allows sponsored children to develop a sense of confidence and self-worth with the love you express through your caring and prayers.

As an Educate the Children Bolivia sponsor, you are assured that the child you sponsor will benefit directly from your monthly sponsorship. Your relationship with your sponsored child makes you a very important person who has a significant role in their development.


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What Programs are available through Educate the Children Bolivia?

There are two programs available to sponsors:

  • Sponsor a Child – This program places the sponsor in direct connection with their sponsored child. Pictures can be exchanged and small gifts can be sent to the child. The money you donate goes to directly fund the entire school and all the children’s needs.
  • Sponsor the School – This program is similar to the Sponsor a Child program with the exception that no individual pictures are exchanged. The money you donate goes to directly fund the entire school and all the children’s needs.


A group of smiling girlsA group of smiling girlsWhat is the cost to be an Educate the Children Bolivia sponsor?

It costs $35 a month, or a little more than a dollar a day, to be a sponsor through Educate the Children Bolivia. It is a commitment that can make an incredible difference in a child's life.


What percentage of expenditures is spent on program activities?

Educate the Children Bolivia is unique in that 100% of your contribution goes to support the school. There is no administration fee associated with the program. These costs are handled by the Mission Council of the Diocese of Fort Worth. All staffing for the program is done by volunteers.


Are my contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. All contributions to Educate the Children Bolivia are tax-deductible in the United States. You will receive an annual donation receipt verifying your contribution and that no goods or services of value were exchanged for your contribution.


What specific benefits do sponsored children receive?

The sponsored children through Educate the Children Bolivia will receive opportunities and services that most of the world's poorest children may never see. These opportunities and services include the following:

  • the opportunity to receive an education - both academic and vocational
  • the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies
  • dormitory facilities for the students who live too far to walk to school
  • the children can stay in school longer and get the most out of their education
  • development of self-confidence and social skills
  • a church-based program where adults offer love, guidance, personal attention, guided recreation and safety
  • the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus
  • training and preparation to receive the sacraments


Can I communicate with the child I sponsor?

We encourage you to send your sponsored child a personal or family photograph and a short letter of introduction. Educate the Children Bolivia volunteers will translate your letter and deliver it to the child you support. Sponsored children typically keep their sponsors' photos and letters as treasured possessions.

You may write to the child you sponsor at regular intervals. Your sponsored child will benefit from knowing that someone in addition to his or her family really cares. Your words of encouragement will make a big difference to your child. . The more you write the child you sponsor, the more he or she will reap the benefits of your relationship.


Is it possible to visit the school and meet the children?

Yes, we encourage you to visit the school. The Educate the Children Bolivia committee will help you make the travel arrangements. Such visits can be reassuring and heartwarming.


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A group of smiling boysA group of smiling boysMay I send gifts to my child?

Yes. As an Educate the Children Bolivia sponsor, you may give additional gifts to your sponsored child for special occasions, to address specific needs or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way to reinforce your care and commitment to your child.

Unfortunately, packages are subject to high customs duties and are easily lost or stolen. If you wish to mail your sponsored friend a gift, we suggest something simple and lightweight such as pens, pencils, colored pencils, coloring book, picture book, spiral note books, paperback Spanish dictionaries, hair ribbons, T-shirts, postcards, holy cards or photos as age appropriate. Any items you send must fit in an envelope 10 x 13 inches or smaller, and weigh less than one pound.


Where should I send my letters or gifts?

When you send a letter or a gift be sure to include your child’s name and their ETC-B number so we can insure the child receives them. All correspondence should be mailed to:

Educate the Children – Bolivia
Attn: Father Thames
Diocese of Fort Worth
800 West Loop 820 South
Fort Worth, TX 76108


How long should my sponsorship last?

Educate the Children Bolivia sponsorship offers you the opportunity to sponsor a child for a number of years, usually through the school year in which they complete their secondary education and in some cases through the university level. While we hope that you will be able to continue your support until he or she completes the Educate the Children program, we recognize that your circumstances can change. You may discontinue your sponsorship at anytime by contacting the diocese at 817-560-3300.

Please understand that a sponsored child's circumstances may also change. For example, sometimes families move beyond the reach of the Educate the Children program.

In our yearly child updates, we will inform you if any circumstances affect the child you sponsor, and we will offer you the opportunity to support another child in need of your help.


Volunteer your time

Educate the Children Bolivia is coordinated completely by volunteers. If you have any of the following skills (bilingual, marketing, computer, organizational, fund raising and/or administrative skills), we welcome your help. Please contact an Educate-the-Children Bolivia representative.




Henry Del Castillo
ETC Bolivia Coordinator

Educate the Children, Bolivia

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