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The Chair

The Diocese of Fort Worth, St. Patrick Cathedral, and Most Reverend Michael Olson featured in “The Chair” series by DeSales Media

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The Chair is an 85-episode series by DeSales Media, a nonprofit Catholic technology and communications ministry working in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. The series features dioceses from around the country.

The Diocese of Fort Worth episode of “The Chair” focuses on the Diocese, St. Patrick Cathedral, and the ministry of Bishop Michael Olson, the fourth bishop of the Diocese. The series takes as its starting point a chair: specifically, the bishop’s chair, known as the cathedra — from which we get the name “cathedral.” The bishop’s chair is the symbolic heart of the diocese, representing the bishop’s authority to sanctify, preach, and govern as a true successor of the Apostles.

The episode also overlays the history of the Diocese, Bishop Olson’s reflections on his faith journey, and his leadership of the Diocese with beautiful highlights of the architecture and art of St. Patrick Cathedral.