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Past Well Meetings

Below you will find past Well meetings videos.

2020 Videos

Well Meeting - September 2020
Year Round Confirmation
(Jason Spoolstra)

Well Meeting - December 2020
Part 1 - Ecclesial Method
(Dr. James Pauley)
Part 2 - Ecclesial Method
(Dr. James Pauley)

Well Meeting - March 2020
Whole Life Authentic Care
(Jessica Rodriguez, RN)

Well Meeting - March 2020
Diocese Response to Virus, Retreat Request Guideline, Confirmation, and other announcements
(Jason Spoolstra)

2019 Videos

Well Meeting - December 2019
Cultivating a Life of Prayer in Young People
(Eric Gallagher)

Well Meeting - July 2019
Part 1 – Marlon De La Torre
Part 2 – Jason Spoolstra

Well Meeting - April 2019
Part 1 - Is our catechesis soaked in Scripture?
(Mark Hart)
Part 2 - Are we ourselves living in the scriptures?
(Mark Hart)
Part 3 - Bishop Olson

Well Meeting - March 2019
Confirmation Meeting
(Jason Spoolstra)

2018 Videos

Well Meeting - December 2018
Liturgical Catechesis
(Dr. James Pauly)

Well Meeting - June 2018
Catholic Charities
(Marc Dabal)

Sacramental Preparation Orientation
What does Sacramental Preparation Look Like?
(Marlon De La Torre)
The Sacrament of Confirmation
(Jason Spoolstra)

Well Meeting - March 2018
Part 1- Helping Youth Get Ready for College
(Jeff Hedglen)
Part 2 - Jason Spoolstra

2017 Videos

Vision of Youth Ministry
(Jason Spoolstra )

Well Meeting - June 2017
Part 1 - Discipleship & Pastoral Approach in Youth Ministry (Everett Fritz)
Part 2 - Catholic Charities Working Family Services
(Angela Berens)

Well Meeting - March 2017
Part 1 - Evangelization: Marketing and Media
(David Calavitta)
Part 2 - Proper Processes of Catechesis
(Marlon De La Torre)

2016 Videos

Well Meeting - September 2016
Renewing the Vision
(Dr. Bob Rice)

Well Meeting - June 2016
Discipleship Training Session: The Changing Face of Youth Ministry
(Jim Beckman)

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Victoria Ramon
Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries

Melissa Loza
Administrative Assistant

The Diocese of Fort Worth is dedicated to a Safe Environment. We offer extensive and mandatory training for all employees and volunteers. Please contact the Safe Environment office if you need assistance or to report an abuse or concern.

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