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Contact information for the St. Junipero Serra Institute.
The certification curriculum for the St. Junipero Serra Institute. For those interested in receiving a certificate, accreditation, or volunteering within the parish mission in any of the areas/concentrations outlined below.
Welcome to the St. Junipero Serra Institute’s Curriculum page. We’re glad you are here to learn more about your Catholic faith. On this page you will find a breakdown of the two ways the institute offers classes: Certification and Continuous Education.
Registration for the St. Junipero Serra Institute.
The audit curriculum for the St. Junipero Serra Institute is designed those wanting to take courses for the purpose of deepening their knowledge and faith.
General Information about the St. Junipero Serra Institute.
Contact information for the Catechetical Department.
St. Junipero Serra Institute is an Adult Formation Program by the Diocese of Fort Worth. This new institute continues the mission of forming the laity in the teachings of the Catholic Church.
The teaching of Jesus Christ and His Church can take place, equally, inside and outside the structure of a classroom. Scout Leaders, in a special way, can be instrumental in sharing the Catholic faith through the scouting environment...
Contact information for Catechist Formation & Certification.
La biografia de San Junípero Serra.
The biography of Saint Junipero Serra.
Calendario del curso - Instituto San Junípero Serra
El plan de estudios para los estudiantes oyentes está diseñado para aquéllos que desean tomar cursos para enriquecer su conocimiento y crecer en la fe. Tenga en cuenta que, si bien puede tomar las clases para su propio crecimiento, debe tomar los niveles
En esta página encontrará un desglose de las dos formas que el instituto San Junípero Serra ofrece clases: Para obtener la Certificación y como Estudiante Oyente (crecimiento personal).
Este plan de estudios es para las personas que están interesadas en obtener la certificación y los que desean ser voluntarios en sus parroquias. Tenga en cuenta que el plan de estudios de los...
Recursos para el Instituto San Junipero Serra.
Inscripción para el Instituto San Junipero Serra.
El objetivo del Instituto San Junípero Serra (SJSI) es preparar a la los laicos para ser testigos efectivos del Evangelio dentro de sus comunidades parroquiales.
A través del Instituto San Junípero Serra (SJSI, por siglas en inglés), la Diócesis de Fort Worth busca cumplir la misión de formar a los laicos en las enseñanzas de la Iglesia Católica.
Welcome! This page is a list of Hispanic Youth Ministry (Pastoral Juvenil Hispana) events that occur annually, with a brief description. To find out when and where these events occur...

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Resources for the St. Junipero Serra Institute.
A google map of all the parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.
En esta página encontrarás recursos para la familia.
The diocesan singles ministry is for (35 +) singles, separated, widowed or divorced.
On this page you will find resources for the family.
On this page you will find diocesan catechetical guidelines.
En esta página encontrará pautas catequéticas diocesanas.
Apostolados del Ministerio Hispano corrientes, aprobados y activos.
On this page you will find approved family and religious education curriculums.
Formation and Certification Courses
A list of National Diaconate Organizations.
Resources for the St. Francis De Sales Basic Catechist Formation Program.
Formando la conciencia para ser ciudadanos fieles. La siguiente información ha sido aprobada para su uso por el Obispo de la Diócesis de Fort Worth.
Registration for the St. Francis De Sales Basic Catechist Formation Program.
Our mission is to help draw people into an intimate union with Jesus Christ through assisting and supporting parishes in developing dynamic Evangelism and Adult Catechesis that fosters life-long conversion and commitment.
Recursos para el Programa Básico de Formación de Catequistas de San Francisco De Sales.
En esta página encontrarás planes de estudios aprobados para la educación familiar y religiosa.
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a specialized form of religious education for children that is held at parishes in the summer, usually for a week long, and at various times and locations.
The Office of Youth Ministry works to serve the youth ministers, Full-Time, Part-Time, and Volunteer, of our diocese. We do this by providing formation and retreats. Our goal is to help with their overall spiritual and professional development as...
The approval process applies to Pastors, Principals, Parish Directors of Religious Education, and Administrators of any Catholic institution or organization in the Diocese of Fort Worth as they consider inviting speakers who will be teaching-presenting...
The aim of the St. Frances De Sales Basic Catechist Formation Program is to form catechists. A catechist is a person who desires to teach the Catholic faith and become an effective witness of the Gospel.
The Well is our quarterly youth ministry meeting. We meet March, June, September, and December of each year at different parishes in the diocese.
The Office of Youth Ministry seeks to serve the youth and their families of our diocese in a variety of ways. We offer various events throughout the year for both middle school and high school age youth.
The Office of Youth Ministry and Adolescent Catechesis is committed to the meaningful involvement of young people in the parish and diocesan Catholic Church, the calling forth and celebrating of their many gifts as disciples.
Resources to help you learn and grow in your Catholic faith.
Esta página le ayudará a aquellos que comienzan el proceso de declaración de nulidad (una anulación) a encontrar su Decanato y su Defensor Principal.
Each year the Diocese’s Safe Environment training program is audited for compliance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth.
School of Leaders Meeting Schedule rotating at 3 different parishes
Catechesis is an education in the faith for children, young people, and adults which includes especially, the teaching of Christian Doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way...
This page offers help to individuals who are struggling with emotional and spiritual wounds from abortion. We are here to help you.
Currently active and Approved Hispanic Ministry Apostolates.
The Middle School Rally is an opportunity for middle school youth and their adult leaders from across the Diocese to spend a full day together in celebration of our Catholic faith and identity.
To bring awareness for the 2021 April — Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Safe Environment Office had a Rosary for Healing & Protection created. All are encouraged to recite this rosary for the healing of those who have been abused and the protection...
Recursos para ayudarte a aprender y crecer en tu fe católica.
Each Religious Order is distinguished by their charism, spirituality, rule, apostolate ministry, and the way they live fraternal life. Having the guidance of a knowledgeable Spiritual Director and Vocation Director can greatly assist you...
The Youth Ministers Retreat is specifically for youth ministers (full-time, part-time, volunteer) only. The retreat is scheduled some time in August. It is an overnight retreat that focuses on rejuvenating the soul of the youth ministers as they...
La Diócesis de Fort Worth está comprometida a ayudar a matrimonios con problemas. Experiencias de fin de semana se ofrecen durante todo el año para dar a las parejas herramientas que necesitan para redescubrir entre sí y su matrimonio.
The office of Liturgy & Worship is available to assist you in your parish and can provide training in your parish at your convenience for those who train Liturgical Ministers.
These marriage preparation programs are aimed at helping couples talk about issues they may not have discussed while they were dating, such as: faith, finances, raising kids, family backgrounds, conflict resolution, etc.
Welcome to Young Adult Ministry (YAM) of the Diocese of Fort Worth. We encourage you to get involved and to participate in the various activities and groups.
Our ministry includes: Theology on Tap, support for local parish programs, opportunities for community outreach, prayer, retreats, athletic and outdoor events.
The Hispanic Ministry in the Diocese of Fort Worth is committed to welcome and promote the cultural identity of the faces of our local Church, and to build a deeply Catholic and multicultural identity.
The Rite of Christian Initiation Adapted for Children is the practice of the Church for preparing non-baptized children 7 years of age and older for full participation in the sacramental life of the Church.
Inscripción para el Programa Básico de Formación de Catequistas de St. Francis De Sales.
La oficina de Liturgia y Culto Divino está disponible para ayudarle en su parroquia y puede proporcionar capacitación para los que forman a los ministros litúrgicos de su parroquia.
San Francisco de Sales es un programa de formación para catequistas de la Diócesis de Fort Worth.
Nuestra misión y propósito como discípulos de Cristo y como una oficina diocesana es ayudar a llevar a la gente a una unión íntima con Jesucristo a través de la asistencia y el apoyo de las parroquias en el desarrollo de una Evangelización dinámica...
This page offers help to couples who have experienced the loss of an unborn baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. We are here to help you.
The Natural Family Planning (NFP) online courses, sponsored by the Diocese of Fort Worth, are four classes in length. Couples preparing for marriage must...
Esta página ofrece ayuda a las personas que están luchando con las heridas emocionales y espirituales del aborto. Estamos aquí para ayudarte.
La Oficina de Respeto a la Vida sirve a las parroquias y a la comunidad a través de la oración, la educación, el cuidado pastoral y la acción cívica. Nuestra misión es promover la dignidad de toda vida humana desde la concepción hasta la muerte natural.
The march is a peaceful, prayerful gathering of pro-life people. Participants will start at the Washington Monument and walk up Constitution Ave. and end at the Supreme Court Building.
The Respect Life Office serves the Diocese of Fort Worth through Education, Pastoral Care, Prayer and Worship, and Public Policy in order to protect life from conception to natural death.
The following are the Singles Programs offered at the parish level.
The Natural Family Planning (NFP) onsite courses, sponsored by the Diocese of Fort Worth, are four classes in length. Couples preparing for marriage must attend...
A list of the diocesan departments, programs and related organizations, with descriptions, staff pictures and contact information, as well as the online directory.
The following young adult groups meet on a regular basis for bible studies, social events and other activities.
This page is a list of Young Adult Ministry events, with a brief description.
Para aquellos que están comprometidos y quieren casarse en la Iglesia, tenemos programas de preparación de matrimonios dirigidos a ayudar a las parejas a hablar sobre temas que no surgen durante las citas, tales como fe, finanzas, criar hijos...
Los Talleres de Oración y Vida son una nueva forma de evangelizacion. Más viva y con una visión más positiva de lo que se ha mostrado siempre. Es una presentación más vibrante y activa de Jesús que posee una mayor adaptación a...
Lock-In for Life is an overnight event where teens (8-12th grade) experience amazing pro-life talks, all night fun, and celebrating the gift of life with youth from all over the diocese.
Campus ministry gathers the Catholics on campus for prayer, worship, and learning in order that they might bring the light of the Gospel to illumine the concerns and hopes of the academic community.
2018-19 Missionary Childhood Association's National Christmas Artwork Contest for young Catholics in grades K-8.
A list of locations where an interpreted Mass is offered in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.
Catequesis es la educación de la fe de los niños, de los jóvenes y adultos, que comprende especialmente una enseñanza de la doctrina cristiana, dada generalmente de modo orgánico y sistemático...
Video footage from the Transitional Diaconate Ordination Mass, which occurred on Thursday, March 19, 2020.
El siguiente proceso de aprobación se aplica a los pastores, directores, administradores de la educación religiosa de la parroquia, y administradoras de cualquier institución u organización católica en la diócesis de Fort Worth...
Contact information for Children's Catechesis.
The Diocese of Fort Worth is committed to eradicating the evil of sexual abuse of minors. The protection of our children is a moral obligation and is of paramount importance to the Diocese of Fort Worth.
The mission of the Hispanic Youth Ministry (called Pastoral Juvenil Hispana) of the Diocese of Fort Worth is to evangelize the young Hispanic to respond to the call to be a disciple of Jesus in order to create and foster unity in a multicultural society.
Each parish and school implements and operates the Safe Environment Program through the coordinated effort of an assigned Safe Environment Champion (SEC), who is appointed by the pastor.
Fully Engaged is a Sponsor Couple program for engaged couples to help them learn more about the Sacrament of Marriage.
These steps provide a general overview of the normal requirements and procedures in the Diocese of Fort Worth.
Action alerts related to pro-life issues and legislation that require the attention and support of the Catholic community.
La misión de la Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (P.J.H.) de la Diócesis de Fort Worth es evangelizar al jóven hispano para que responda al llamado de ser discípulo de Jesús y así, crear y mantener unidad en medio de una sociedad multicultural.
Cada parroquia y escuela implementa y ejecuta el Programa de Ambiente Seguro mediante un esfuerzo coordinado por el Campeón de Ambiente Seguro (CAS), que es designado por el párroco.
If you are unable to make one of our onsite NFP courses, you may take an online course.
Campus ministry gathers the Catholics on campus for prayer, worship, and learning in order that they might bring the light of the Gospel to illumine the concerns and hopes of the academic community.
The Empowering God’s Children® Program is for children and youth, Kindergarten through grade 12, to teach them about boundaries, how to recognize boundary violations, how to respond to persons who violate their boundaries...
Contact information for Family Catechesis.
Los cursos en persona de Planificación Natural de Familia (PNF), patrocinados por la Diócesis de Fort Worth, comprenden cuatro clases. Las parejas que se preparan para el matrimonio deben asistir a las tres clases...
The Well is our quarterly youth ministry meeting. We meet March, June, September, and December of each year at different parishes in the diocese.
The Guardian Ministry is a community led safety and security volunteer ministry that provides parishes with a peaceful and safe place to worship.
Contact information for reporting any sexual abuse in the Diocese of Fort Worth.
Contact information for Adult Catechesis & Evangelization.
Contact information for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and RCIA Adapted for Children.
The Sacraments are efficacious signs of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us.
This page will help those beginning the declaration of invalidity (an Annulment) process find their Deanery and Chief Advocate.
"Totalmente Comprometido" es un programa patrocinado para parejas comprometidas, para ayudarlas a formarse más sobre el Sacramento del Matrimonio.
Concurso Nacional de Arte Navideño de MCA. Este concurso está abierto a jóvenes católicos en los grados K-8.
La Oficina de Matrimonio y Vida Familiar se compromete a continuar la visión que San Juan Pablo II tenía para que las familias fueran auxiliadas y apoyadas por la Iglesia. En esta página encontrará recursos para ayudar y fortalecer la familia.
Información de contacto para reportar abuso sexual en la Diócesis de Fort Worth.
The V Encuentro is a four-year process of ecclesial reflection and action that invites all Catholics in the United States to intense missionary activity, consultation, leadership development, and identification of best ministerial practices in...
The best practices, comprehensive policies and procedures for the Safe Environment Office of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

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