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The biography, contact information and social media of Bishop Michael F. Olson.
La biografía y la información de contacto para el Obispo Michael F. Olson.
With Praise and Thanksgiving to Almighty God, we celebrate the 10-year Anniversary of the installation of Most Reverend Michael F. Olson, the fourth bishop and shepherd of the Diocese of Fort Worth.
The biography of Bishop Michael F. Olson, S.T.D., M.A.
The Diocese of Fort Worth episode of “The Chair” focuses on the Diocese, St. Patrick Cathedral, and the ministry of Bishop Michael Olson, the fourth bishop of the Diocese. The series takes as its starting point a chair: specifically, the bishop’s chair...
La biografía y la información de contacto para el Obispo Michael F. Olson.
A brief historical summary of the Diocese of Fort Worth.
The Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service is the result of the directive from Pope Francis to address the crime and sin of sexual abuse in the Church and to hold bishops accountable. It is part of the Church’s ongoing response to sexual abuse...
A list of the diocesan departments, programs and related organizations, with descriptions, staff pictures and contact information, as well as the online directory.
Founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin-Jansen, the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) is a world-wide organization made up of Catholic youth: from baptism to teen years.
Contact information for Women Religious & Consecrated Life.
Contact information for the Chancery - assisting the Bishop in the pastoral and administrative governance of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

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La biografía y la información de contacto para el Obispo Michael F. Olson.
Submit your intentions for prayer, and Bishop Michael F. Olson will include them at Mass, with the intentions and needs of the faithful throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth.
All young adults, ages 18-35, of the Diocese of Fort Worth are invited to a special Mass celebrated by Bishop Michael Olson on Thursday, September 14th at 6:30 PM.
Please join Bishop Michael Olson, the Diocese of Fort Worth and the Office of Safe Environment in observing April – Child Abuse Prevention Month during which time we will bring together experts and information aimed at equipping our community...
Por favor, únase al Obispo Michael Olson, a la Diócesis de Fort Worth y a la Oficina de Ambiente Seguro para observar abril – Mes de prevención del abuso infantil durante el cual reuniremos y destacaremos importantes recursos, expertos e información...
Print on Parish or School Letterhead Date Dear Bishop Olson: ( Insert Parish/School name ) , located in ( name of parish city or town ) in the Diocese of Fort Worth has been diligently conducting Safe Environment Programs for its employees, volunteers, ch...
The Office for Women Religious and Consecrated Life serves as the Bishop's delegate for the religious, promotes their presence and ministry, and officially represents them in matters directly related to the local church.
Each year the Diocese’s Safe Environment training program is audited for compliance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth.
The office of Deacons assists the bishop in care, guidance, and support of deacons through communication and personal contact. It promotes deacons' spiritual, intellectual, and ministerial development and helps...
Answers to most often asked questions about how the Diocese of Fort Worth strives to provide a safe environment for minors and how it handles allegations of sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy, including the bishop, priests and...
The office of Permanent Deacon Formation office assists the Bishop with the formation of men, both married and single, for the diaconate. The formation for the diaconate is based on...
Contact information and directions to the Pastoral and Administrative offices (Catholic Center) of the Diocese of Fort Worth.
Contact information for Fiscal Management.
Contact information for Canonical Affairs.
Contact information for Victims' Assistance.
Contact information for Internal Audit.
Contact information for Stewardship.
Contact information for the Deaf Ministry office.
Contact information for Information Technologies (IT).
Often retreats are viewed as something for priests, nuns, or religious orders but not individuals outside of religious life. However, this is not true. Each of us is called to know, love, and serve God....
Contact information for Benefits.
Contact information for the Deacons office.
Contact information for Parish, School & Agency Support.
The Diocesan Formation Center in Fort Worth, Texas provides a comfortable, peaceful setting for individual and group retreats, as well as both religious and secular conferences and gatherings.
Contact information for Payroll Services.
Contact information for Hospital Chaplaincy.

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