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Welcome to the Diocese of Fort Worth Employee Handbook

This employee handbook of policies and procedure is an organic document which will develop and grow as the diocese develops and grows. Please note that this employee handbook supersedes all previous handbooks and policy manuals that have been distributed in past years throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth.


All employees of the Diocese of Fort Worth are required to sign and date the Employee Handbook Acknowledgment in order to complete the new employment orientation process.

Employee Acknowledgment

Notice for School Employees: The employee handbook outlines our master policies and procedures for our entire Diocese. Please check with the Diocese of Fort Worth Catholic Schools Office regarding specific policies for administration in a school setting.


The Workplace (Revised 8.17.22)
Code of Conduct (Revised 8.17.22)
Social Media Policy (Revised 8.17.22)
Safe Environment Policy (Revised 8.17.22)
Time Off & Benefits (Revised 7.27.23)
Employment Guidelines Policy (Revised 8.17.22)
Employment & Compliance Policy (Revised 8.17.22)
Employment Practices Policy (Revised 9.18.23)

Priests’ Pension Plan

This is the summary plan description of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Priests’ Pension Plan 2020.

Priests Pension Plan