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The Metanoia Retreat is a five-day intensive retreat to help those who have begun to follow Christ as a disciple. It is to bring about further conversion by putting this deep faith into action within our lives.

Do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium!

Pope Saint John Paul II, World YOuth Day 2000








You will register through your parish. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that groups are formed through their parish as it will build better success and the retreat is designed around time with your parish group throughout the retreat. Even if your parish group is very small, you are more than welcome to come! If for some reason a parish is unable to bring a group,

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The word “metanoia” is Greek for "repentance" and refers to a "change of mind". When we have had a true conversion (a turning away from our old sinful habits and turning towards Christ) we experience metanoia. Conversion in Christ is both an interior and exterior dimension. It begins in the mind and heart, but then transforms our exterior behaviors. The point of metanoia is not that conversion can be reduced to a mental act, but that a change of perspective is essential to the redirection of one’s life. This retreat will help lead those in this new direction in their lives; One that begins in the interior attitudes and leads to exterior actions.

The goal is simple: to help all that attend how to be a Saint! Our earthly pilgrimage is to work out our salvation (cf. Phillipians 2:12). If you are wanting more of a personal experience to help you become a saint this retreat is for you! If you are wanted to grow in your prayer life, build authentic friendships with other disciples, and have the confidence to be a leader in your parish and community, this retreat is for you! If you want to be steep in daily prayer, the sacraments, amazing talks, and putting your faith into action, then this retreat is for you!

All are welcome to come whether or not you have been to Young Disciples or Camp Fort Worth in the previous years. There will be a “Year A” track for those who have never been to this retreat before or if you have been to Camp Fort Worth and a “Year B” track if you have been on the Metanoia Retreat or Young Disciples retreat before for 2019. In 2020 we will transition to just those who have never been to Metanoia Retreat and those who have.

Any and all High School Teens (teens who will be going into 9-12th grade in the fall) who have had an initial conversion within their lives and are ready to walk the path of discipleship and become leaders within their parish and community; along with adult chaperones and volunteers. If you have a discipleship group(s) this is a great retreat for them! Even if you don’t but want to start a discipleship group in your parish, this is a great opportunity.

You will be enjoying time of prayer, adoration, daily Mass, confession, praise and worship, small groups, messy games, service, amazing talks, breakout sessions, Men & Women Sessions, meeting new friends, engaging in deep conversation, getting your questions answered, and hanging out with the awesome Adore Team!

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Victoria Ramon
Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries

Melissa Loza
Administrative Assistant

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