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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Be a Part of the Solution: Get Vaccinated

Tarrant County officials have asked the Diocese of Fort Worth to distribute an informational flyer in three languages and videos on getting the COVID vaccination to ensure every resident knows the importance of receiving the vaccination. The information in this flyer is for residents of Tarrant County and the surrounding counties whose residents can be vaccinated at Tarrant County vaccination centers.

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine
Communicating the Benefits of Influenza Vaccine during COVID-19

Faithful outside the Greater Tarrant County area are urged to contact your county public health department to obtain similar information. The Texas Department of Health has communications tools that also are available to you.

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Coronavirus Precautions

Pastoral Letter Regarding Changes to Current COVID-19 Protocols for the Celebration of Mass

"Our current environment is one with two important factors: 1) the ready availability of vaccines which in most cases limit symptoms, and 2) treatment protocols and medicines now exist that minimize likelihood of hospitalization. Thus, beginning this weekend, the wearing of face masks during Mass and at the distribution of Communion is now optional and left to the discretion of the ordinary or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion."

Complete pastoral letter (3-4-2022)


Revised COVID-19 guidelines for parishes and gatherings outside of Mass (7-29-22)
Guidelines for Celebration of Mass & Other Liturgical Celebrations (5-20-21)

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About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. Most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, but some people can become severely ill. Although most people with COVID-19 get better within weeks of illness, some people experience post-COVID conditions.

Things to Consider First:

COVID-19 Testing In Tarrant County

About COVID-19 Testing

TCPH provides COVID-19 testing for those three and and over using a full PCR/NAAT test. This is not a rapid test, though the results are available the same evening or next afternoon in most cases. Exceptions happen; for example, Friday sample results are typically available Monday afternoon.

Helpful Resources

Covid Risk Assessmnet Chart
Pandemic Plan for Families
Wash Your Hands Fact Sheet
Family Handwashing
Information About Your Cloth Face Coverings

Covid-10 Mental Health Support Line
(Texas Health and Human Services)
Speak with a mental health professional for help dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, grief or worry 24/7. Help is available!

Catholic Charities Fort Worth
Providing services within the 28-counties of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.