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Adult Faith Formation


A graphic illustrating the Holy TrinityPurpose

To assist and support parishes in developing dynamic Adult Catechesis that fosters life-long "faith seeking understanding and conversion" and promotes full and active participation in the life of the Church and a true living faith.

Like all living things, a living faith needs nourishment, which the mature adult disciple finds above all in union with Christ—"the way and the truth and the life" (John 14:6). "This life of intimate union with Christ in the Church is maintained by the spiritual helps common to all the faithful, chiefly by active participation in the liturgy."

It is also maintained by:

  • frequent reading of the word of God, sacred writings of our tradition, and the official documents of the Church
  • involvement in the community life and mission of the Church
  • personal prayer
  • participation in the works of justice and service to the poor
  • the fulfillment of our human obligations in family and society through the active practice of love for God and neighbor

51 - Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us


The Priority of Adult Catechesis

We are convinced that the energy and resources we devote to adult faith formation will strengthen and invigorate all the charisms that adults receive and the activities they undertake, in the Church and in society, to serve the Gospel of Christ and the people of today. Every Church ministry will be energized through a dynamic ministry of adult catechesis.

Adult faith formation also benefits children and youth. An adult community whose faith is well-formed and lively will more effectively pass that faith on to the next generation. Moreover, the witness of adults actively continuing their own formation shows children and youth that growth in faith is lifelong and does not end upon reaching adulthood.

In addition, adult faith formation should serve as the point of reference for catechesis for other age groups. It ought to be "the organizing principle, which gives coherence to the various catechetical programs offered by a particular Church." Maturity of faith is the intent of all catechesis from the earliest years. Thus, all catechesis is geared to a lifelong deepening of faith in Christ. How necessary, then, that the catechetical ministry with adults set an example of the highest quality and vitality.

For such reasons as these, the Church wisely and repeatedly insists that adult faith formation is "essential to who we are and what we do as Church" and must be "situated not at the periphery of the Church's educational mission but at its center."

39-42 - Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us


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Marlon De La Torre, MA MEd.Marlon De La Torre, MA MEd.
Department Director for Catechesis


Jason Whitehead
Assistant Director of Evangelization and Catechesis

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Administrative Assistant


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