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"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest." - John 10:10


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Breaking Free Youth Rally    Lock-in for Life Pro-Life Boot Camp    Pure by Choice Rally



Educate teens on matters of Chastity and Pro-Life issues so that they become involved role models and leaders among their peers to defend life from conception to natural death.


About Youth for Life

Youth for Life is a significant and crucial part of the overall mission of the Office of Respect Life. It strengthens and empowering the hearts of youth to defend life from conception to natural death in a culture that devalues the sanctity of life. Youth for Life keeps our young close to God, arming them against the secular world trying to misinform and corrupt them.



  • Promote chastity as a way of life and empower teens to save sex for marriage, thereby providing for a better marriage relationship and healthier, happier lives as God intended.
  • Provide resources for Youth Ministers to include Pro-Life education and strengthen chastity programs in their curriculum.
  • Educate teens about the truth and evils of abortion so that they may reach out to their peers and be strong in the conversion of hearts.
  • Involve many young adults and adults as possible to parlay the learning experience.


What We Offer...

  • Pro-Life Boot Camp: 120 teens and 50 volunteers in 2 multiple-day sessions
  • Lock-in for Life: 150 teens, 20 chaperones, 10 volunteers
  • Pilgrimage to the March for Life in Washington DC: 18 teens and 8 adults
  • Pure by Choice Chastity Rally: 1,000 teens and 100 volunteers
  • Breaking Free from the Chains of the World Rally: 250 teens, 10 volunteers and 40 chaperones
  • Pro-Life clubs: Nolan Catholic and several public schools and Youth group clubs
  • Teen Pro-Life Skit team: a group of 5-10 teens trained to give a Pro-Life presentations to area Youth groups
  • Spiritual adoption Program: All Catholic schools in the Diocese participate in the Spiritual Adoption Program through their 7-8th grade religion classes
  • Parish speaking events




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Jason Spoolstra
Director of Youth Ministry

Marlon De La Torre, MA MEd.
Department Director for Catechesis

Melissa Loza
Administrative Assistant


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