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Diocesan Weapons Policy

The Diocese of Fort Worth is concerned with providing parishioners, volunteers, visitors and employees with a safe place to worship and a productive environment. As such, the Diocese of Fort Worth expressly prohibits any and all acts or threats of violence by or against anyone on Parish, School or other Diocesan ("Diocesan") facilities.

In addition, the Diocese of Fort Worth strictly prohibits the possession of, exhibiting or threatening to exhibit or to use, or use of any and all weapons, including firearms, on Diocesan premises by anyone whether licensed or unlicensed and whether concealed or visible. Parishioners, volunteers, students and employees are further prohibited from the possession of, exhibiting or threatening to exhibit or to use, or the use of any and all weapons while conducting business on behalf of the Parish/School/Diocese off of Diocesan premises.

All Diocesan locations are required to provide the statutory notice prohibiting bringing concealed weapons and openly carried weapons onto the Diocesan property. The notice must be posted at each building entrance, on Diocesan locations’ websites (including homepages of parishes and schools), and annually in published literature (i.e. parish bulletin, school newsletter.)

In 1996, the Texas Legislature approved the carrying of concealed handguns, but the law prohibited them from being carried on Church and School premises. In 2016, the law was amended to allow the open carry of handguns and the statute left the prohibitions in place. However, for the law to take effect on Diocesan property effective notice must be given.

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