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Discernment Towards Seminary

The following steps can assist those discerning towards the seminary.


A monstrance: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.A monstrance: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Pray

The call to priesthood and religious life is always from God. Developing a weekly or daily Holy Hour is essential to hearing the call to follow Jesus Christ.


Discuss With Your Pastor

The priest(s) at your parish will offer the first glimpse into priesthood and can answer some initial questions. In addition, he may be able to serve as a spiritual director for you.


Make an Appointment with the Vocations Director

Fr. Wilcox is available to meet and discuss the discernment process and can help you find a good spiritual director to aid in your prayer.


Attend A St. Andrew Breakfast or Dinner

These monthly events give you time to inquire about seminary life and issues of discernment.


Spiritual Direction

It is important to work with a priest to develop a discipline of prayer and then to determine how God is speaking to you in prayer. Spiritual direction assists in achieving both.


Preliminary Questionnaire

After a period of discernment, Fr. Wilcox will provide the preliminary questionnaire, which will help in expressing the desire to follow the call of Jesus Christ.






Fr. James WilcoxRev. James Wilcox
Director of Vocations


Sarah J. Penuela
Administrative Assistant for Vocations

Fr. Manuel HolguinRev. Cruz Manuel Holguin
Associate Director of Vocations



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