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Singles Ministry


A group picturePurpose

The diocesan singles ministry, known as Diocesan Singles Council, hosts diocese-wide events and provides support for singles ministries in parishes.

Singles are (35 +) who have never been married as well as the separated, widowed, and divorced. The Singles Council consists of about 12 members from various parishes who join together to host picnics, retreats and workshop days, as well as formation and training opportunities. For more information please contact us (below). We welcome anyone desiring to participate in the planning or helping on these activities.

Diocesan Singles Council items are significant enough to justify driving in from all areas. They support singles living with or without existing local singles ministry.


Singles Events:

  • Singles Sense Workshop Day
  • Spring Dynamic Retreat
  • Singles Mass in October
  • Montserrat Silent Retreat in November
  • Spiritual Outing
  • Singles Campout
  • Service Projects


Are you Single?

"Never married" is the traditional scope referred to as singleness. We recognize that in addition to "never married" many are also single by divorce, separation and widowed. And often we have responsibilities from past situations in our lives (children, debt and relationships).

These needs may not be fully met by current traditional parish programs. Thus we encourage participation in all facets of parish life and special ministries programs, but realize some further support is necessary.


Our Common Needs:

  • Our search for the Lord
  • Companionship
  • Support




Mike Wuller
Singles Ministry Coordinator

Rosalie Kulhanek

Gregory A. Mills
Executive Director, Catholic Divorce Ministry

Irene Delgado
Para más información en Español