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Opened umbrella, 2010, Fornax Opened umbrella, 2010, FornaxSafe Environment Training Sessions

The Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Fort Worth is the "umbrella" department which manages all Safe Environment Training Sessions. These sessions, for preschoolers through adults, offer instruction in self-protection and in the protection of children and young people.


Teen Training Classes


Safe Environment training for Adults is currently offered online only. Please contact the Safe Environment Coordinator at your parish or school to receive instructions regarding the online training program.


What are the different Safe Environment Training Sessions?


Initial Training Session (Adults)

Initial Safe Environment Training is required for all clergy, religious, employees, and volunteers who wish to serve in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Training sessions are held regularly throughout the diocese at no charge. The schedule of sessions can be accessed through the diocesan website by clicking on the box, "Safe Environment Training Sessions" on the opening page of the "Safe Environment Training Program" section. The initial session focuses on recognizing how perpetrators of abuse gain access to children, signs of boundary violations and abuse in children and youth, and how to take action if abuse is suspected. Texas requirements for reporting abuse to authorities as well as the Diocesan Code of Conduct and Behavior Standards for Ministry are thoroughly reviewed. Initial Safe Environment expires after three (3) years, at which time, clergy, religious, employees, and volunteers are required to complete Safe Environment Training Renewal every three (3) years.


Renewal Training Session (Adults)

(Clergy, religious men and women, employees and volunteers may renew their Safe Environment Training by attending a Live Renewal Session or by completing the Online Renewal Session through the Armatus Program). Online Renewal requires access to the Internet. Diocesan, parish or school personnel coordinating the Safe Environment Program can instruct individuals on how to complete their renewal training.


"Train the Trainer" Session (Adults)

This workshop prepares adults who wish to serve as Safe Environment Trainers to facilitate Safe Environment Training sessions in their parishes and/or schools. Applicants for "Train the Trainer" must have completed the Initial Safe Environment Training Session, passed a Criminal Background Check, and signed the Diocesan Code of Conduct Agreement Form. Applications to attend "Train the Trainer" are available at one's parish or school or through the diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection.


"Called to Protect" Training Session (Children and Youth)

The "Called to Protect" Program is for children and youth, PreK through grade 12, to teach them about boundaries, how to recognize boundary violations, how to respond to persons who violate their boundaries, and how to report such violations to parents, family members, and other trusted adults. The "Called to Protect" sessions are taught in the Catholic schools, in parish religious education classes, and in youth ministry sessions. "Called to Protect for Youth Training" is a prerequisite to applying for "Teen Leader Training."


Teen Leader Training Session (Youth Ages 13-18)

This workshop prepares youth ages 13-18 who wish to volunteer with their peers and/or with children. Note: all Teen Leaders must take Called to Protect for Youth before taking Teen Leader Training. Children and Youth who volunteer are supervised in any service they provide. Parish Youth Ministers or ORE's have information available on Teen leader Training. Teen Leader Training is renewed every three (3) and remains in effect through the summer following an individual's graduation from high school.


Teen Leader "Train the Trainer" Session (Adults)

This session is for adults who will be training and working with teen volunteers. Note: Adults taking this session must have current Safe Environment Training, a clear Background Check, and they must have signed the Code of Conduct Agreement Form.




Richard Mathews
Director of Safe Environment

Nancy Mitchell
Safe Environment Database Administrator


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