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Our Mission & Objectives


Beauty of God's love

The Beauty of God’s

Love What You Can Do to Build a Culture of Life

This printable pamphlet insert is full of facts and practical ways you can help build a Culture of Life. Feel free to print it out and share it with others.

Beauty of God’s Love

Donum Vitae: Instruction on Respect for Human Life...


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Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Save the lives of unborn babies.
  • Educate about the sanctity of all human life.
  • Strengthen the Hearts of our youth concerning Life and the blessings of chastity.
  • Help women in crisis pregnancy.
  • Minister to those wo suffer the aftermath of abortion.
  • Protect the vulnerable, the weak and the elderly.


What we offer...

Rachel Ministries
Rachel Ministries

Healing after abortion. Providing a safe place for healing and renewal by bringing hearts back to the mercy of Jesus.

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Youth for Life
Youth for life

Strengthening and empowering the hearts of youth to defend life from conception to natural death in a culture that devalues the sanctity of life.

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Gabriel Project
Gabriel Project

Compassionate outreach to mothers and fathers in crisis pregnancy.

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Information & Education
Information & Education

Knowledge, wisdom, and courage to spread the truth.

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Faithful Citizenship
Faithful Citizenship

Properly forming conscience for faithful citizenship and the responsibility of Catholics to participate in political life.

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Prayer and Witness
Prayer & Witness

Encouraging prayer in the parish, in the home, and empowering personal witness.

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Dignity of Life
Dignity of Life

Dealing with issues for the infirm and those approaching the end of life, while empowering those who serve and care for them.

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Respect Life gala
Respect Life Gala

Information, updates and a recap of the Bishop's Annual Catholic Respect Life Gala.

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Director of Respect Life

Betsy Kopor
Rachel Ministries Coordinator

Marlon De La Torre, MA MEd.
Department Director for Catechesis

Angela Walters
Gabriel Project Coordinator

Lucia Romo Sanchez
Administrative Assistant


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