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Requirements for Teen Volunteers

These steps will assist you in recruiting Teen Volunteers.


Step One:

Ministry Volunteer Application for Youth


Step Two:

Attend and Participate in the Teen Safe Environment Program.


Step Three:

Signing of Code of Conduct and Standards of Behavior (English, Español, Vietnamese)


Step Four:

One adult and two teens must be present*

*At all children's or youth religious education programs, classes and activities, one adult and two teens must be present, and must remain until all children and youth have left the premises.


Keeping Children Safe Teen Leader Train the Trainer Sessions

All teens presently serving in any ministry role in the church must participate in the Keeping Children and Youth Safe Training Program for Teens only. Certified trainers and youth ministry leaders are prepared to lead this training annually. A list of Safe Environment Sessions with locations and dates can be found by visiting the link below.

Safe Environment Sessions


Ministry roles can include, but are not limited to: Catechist, Catechist Helper, Peer Minister (such as Retreat Team Leader, Youth Group Leader, Peer Counselor), Childcare Assistant, Leader in Children’s Liturgy of the Word, etc.

The diocese will periodically host train the trainer sessions for ministry leaders that work with youth. The training offered by the diocese is not for teenagers. The teens will be trained in the parish by those who attend this diocesan training.




Richard Mathews
Director of Safe Environment

Nancy Mitchell
Safe Environment Analyst


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