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Reporting Abuse


Reporting Procedures:

If you suspect abuse of child, or elder or vulnerable adult, or abuse has been disclosed to you,

  1. Call CPS, 800-252-5400; get a case number or copy of report.
  2. Call the Police or 911; get a case number or copy of report.
  3. Report the alleged abuse to your supervisor, Priest or Principal (who will report to diocese) with copy of CPS report made or written report with contact information on all concerned, description of abuse, dates if known and how you learned of the abuse.
  4. In the case of alleged abuse by clergy or Church personnel, contact a diocesan authority directly.





Victims' Assistance Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-602-5119
Voicemail: 817-945-9345

Chancellor and Moderator of the Curia


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