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Religious Life: Men

The following are a list of Religious Groups for Men in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please contact the order(s) for more information.


Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix (CMC)

"Is a religious order founded by the Most Reverend Dominic Maria, CMC, using the unofficial title Co-Redemptrix to refer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is dominated by men of Vietnamese extraction. The congregation maintains its’ monastery in Carthage, Missouri and it is composed of a religious community of priests and brothers.”


Capuchin Franciscan Fathers (OFM)

The Capuchin Franciscan Friars are a Roman Catholic religious order of brothers and priests inspired by the life and ideals of St. Francis of Assisi. We seek to be a joyful presence of hope and salvation to all, especially to those most in need. Wherever we are, we seek to find the power of Christ working in His people. We invite you to walk with us.


Dominicans (OP)

Dominicans preach in churches and on the street, in universities and in mass media to the faithful as well as dissidents; we break open Scripture to different audiences and pursue works of justice and peace; we give retreats to nuns, visit the sick, console, listen, confess, forgive, and ultimately desire to go as far as need be to preach the Word of God to those who do not yet know it or need to hear it.


Franciscan Fathers (OFM)

We believe that as followers of St. Francis of Assisi in this modern time, we are "lesser brothers" called to be centered in Christ with the Gospels as our Rule of Life. We believe that fidelity to our calling is expressed in loyalty to the mission of Jesus continued in His Church, in a spirit of prayer and contemplation, with a special love for the poor, and reverence for all God's creation.


Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, USA (TOR)

As friars of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis and members of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus we vow ourselves to the challenge of living poverty, chastity and obedience in the presence of the Church. In this way, we further the work of Francis of Assisi who unreservedly followed the crucified and risen Christ and the Gospel of preaching repentance and conversion for the salvation of all.


Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular of the Immaculate Conception Province, USA (TOR)

Members of the Province of the Immaculate Conception take vows that challenge us to live a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience to the Church. We rely on the generosity of our patrons and benefactors who partner with us by making a gift to support our work or by requesting a Mass for a loved one.


Also serving in the Fort Worth Diocese (No website available):

  • Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Province, Mexico (TOR)
  • Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular of the St. Thomas Province, India (TOR)
  • Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular of the St. Louis Vice Province, India (TOR)


Heralds of Good News (HGN)

The specific aim of the Society is the training and supply of saintly, dedicated and hardworking missionaries wherever there is a need, especially due to the shortage of local vocations. The Society has Mary Queen of Apostles and Saint Joseph the Worker as the Patrons.


Society of Divine Word (SVD)

As a multi-cultural religious community, we live the spirit of Arnold Janssen, and we proclaim the Word of God in diverse ministries, focusing on the poor and marginalized.


Society of Jesus (SJ)

To be a Jesuit is, above all, learning to live in God's presence. Such a life challenges us to pray, to make practical decisions in the light of the gospel and to love as Christ loved. Formation is something we allow God to do - gently, truthfully, consistently. Our formation helps us become in all our humanity an instrument united to God in order to love the world and its people.


Society of the Catholic Apostolate (SAC)

We are a Roman Catholic Community dedicated to promoting the Universal, or Catholic, Apostolate by following the motto of founder St. Vincent Pallotti, “The Love of Christ urges us on!” St. Vincent Pallotti taught that clergy, lay people and those in consecrated life are sent as apostles for the Church and the World. It is this mission that the Pallottines perform as they work in partnership with laity throughout the world.





Fr. James WilcoxRev. James Wilcox
Director of Vocations


Sarah J. Penuela
Administrative Assistant for Vocations

Fr. Manuel HolguinRev. Cruz Manuel Holguin
Associate Director of Vocations



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