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Other Mission Activities


Boileau, Haiti

Members of St. Philip's in Lewisville, coordinate the projects in Boileau, Haiti. The main goal is to help the village of Boileau to become self-sustaining by offering a sense of hope to the young people. With this hope comes a sense of a reasonable future of slowing the migration to the bigger city where the slums are swelling due to unemployment. The influx of people emphasizes the need for city services that include drinking water, sanitation and sewage systems; and schools; all of which do not exist in the slums.

With the help of St. Philip parishioners, Boileau has received medical care including a clinic, and a salary for a doctor and a nurse. The parish has also helped by providing 15 water pumps to the villages. Each pump provides water for 800 to 1000 villagers. This has allowed the adults to stay healthy enough to work.


Haitian Pilgrims

Members are concerned with the plight of our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and work to support our sister parish, St. Therese, in Boileau. Annual pilgrimages, on-going projects, continuing education, and fund-raising. Visit their Website:


Mike Frost


Anapra, Mexico

St. Stephen's in Weatherford, Texas, has been involved with a parish in Anapra, Mexico, just outside of Juarez, since June of 2003. Gerald Kelly, a parishioner at St. Stephen writes that the participants have had, "many wonderful experiences" during the two mission trips that have been held. The idea of having a mission trip began when the youth group expressed an interest in going to Mexico. One of the parish members, Lita Markalonis had been traveling with a group from Providence Baptist Church in Paris, Texas, and she developed a plan to get the St. Stephen mission trip started.


Gerald Kelly
St. Stephen Parish Contact


Lang Sôn, Vietnam

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth maintains a relationship with Bishop Joseph Ngó Quang Kiêt and the Diocese of Lang Sôn in Vietnam. The diocese helped fund the construction of a cathedral in the Diocese of Lang Sôn, which was dedicated on October 2, 2004.


Rev. Thomas J. Craig
Chair, Diocesan Mission Council




Rev. Thomas J. Craig
Chairman of Diocesan Mission Council

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Monica Rolling
Administrative Assistant