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NFP Online Classes

While in-person classes are the best way for couples to learn Natural Family Planning (NFP), we realize getting one to work out with certain couples' schedule is not always possible. If you are unable to make one of our physical onsite courses, you may take an online course.

List of available onsite classes


Online Registration
Course Overbooked!
Wait list is approximately 30 days.


Here are some basic points about the course:

  • You will have 3-4 online sessions with your instructor.

  • Your instructor will contact you soon and send out an invitation for your first session. Sessions 2-4 will be scheduled at the end of the upcoming session.

  • The materials you will need for the course will be shipped to you by your instructor once classes begin.

  • The first session will cover Church teaching and an introduction to your chosen NFP method.

  • Sessions 2-4 will focus on proper charting and the application of the rules for either achievement or postponement of pregnancy.

  • Once you have completed the 3-4 sessions with at least 2 chart reviews, you will receive a certificate of completion to present to your parish (if you are currently preparing for marriage).




Tony Abadie
Natural Family Planning Coordinator
Cell: 972-746-5085

Irma Jimenez
Asistente Administrativa

Chris VaughanChris Vaughan
Director of Marriage and Family Life