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The Office of Worship serves as a liturgical and educational resource for the clergy and parishes of the Diocese of Fort Worth.


Liturgical Calendar 2017

Holy Days of Obligation Calendar (2013-2025)

Moveable Feasts and Celebrations (2013-2025)


Services Provided by the Office of Worship

  • Planning and preparation of diocesan liturgies
  • Disseminating information, policies, and guidelines on liturgical practices
  • Providing ministry formation for liturgical ministers
  • Assisting parishes in planning special liturgical celebrations (i.e. Church Dedications, Blessing of a new Baptismal Font, etc.)
  • Assists in the planning of liturgies involving the Bishop of Fort Worth
  • Approving plans for parish liturgies at which the Bishop of Fort Worth will preside or celebrate (and is the representative of the bishop in that planning)
  • Providing educational opportunities on the liturgy and worship of the Church and liturgical spirituality


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Deacon Don WarnerDeacon Don Warner
Director of Liturgy & Worship

Irma Jimenez
Administrative Assistant


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