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May 31, 2018


Quo Vadis Discernment Retreat

June 5-7, 2018

We want to welcome all young men considering priesthood to Quo Vadis High School Discernment Retreat. This event will be held at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House on 600 Shady Shores Rd., Lake Dallas, TX 75065. Parents are invited to join in for Mass and closing on June 7, 2018. Meals and lodging will be provided. Registration begins April 6, 2018 and forms will be available on the Vocations Website. You can also contact the Vocations office at 817-945-9321 or by email at for questions.


Vocations Awareness Program

University of Dallas, Irving, June 8-10, 2018

The Vocation Awareness Program is a weekend of discernment offered for single, Catholic, men and women, between the ages of 18 and 40, who wish to progress towards a religious vocation, such as Priests, Sisters, Consecrated Lay Women, or Brothers. The 2018 weekend activities will be led by the Vocation Directors/Liaisons of the Dallas and Fort Worth Dioceses, supported by a staff of priests, sisters, and other religious. The VAP weekend includes presentations, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, one-on-one personal conferences with diocesan and order Priests, Sisters, Consecrated Lay Women, and Brothers who volunteer to serve as staff. There are no fees, private rooms and meals are furnished, and no one will pressure you or seek commitment. More information regarding the VAP and the Application for weekend is available at Please find the attached bulletin insert to help promote this event.

For more information please contact the Vocations Office at 817-945-9321 or by email at for questions.

Parish bulletin inserts


Oberammergau 2020 Passion Play

June 13-22, 2020

Only 10 spaces available! $2,729 per person, plus air June 13-22, 2020. Register by June 5, 2018, to lock in your space with a $250 non-refundable deposit before prices go up June 6. The Diocesan Travel Program presents the beauty and majesty of the Bavarian Alps with a 10-day tour through the Black Forest of Germany and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the famous Passion Play in Oberammergau, only performed every 10 years in this village. For more information please contact  or call (817) 945-9441.

Link to the itinerary and more details:
Click here


Annual Collection for the Holy Father

Colección Anual para el Santo Padre

Peter's Pence, June 30 - July 1, 2018

The collection provides the Holy Father with the financial means to respond to those who are suffering as a result of war, oppression, natural disaster, and disease. Thank you for standing in solidarity with the Holy See through your generosity. Parish resources in English and Spanish are available below or for download on USCCB website. Please contact at 817-945-9441 if you have additional questions.

Parish Resources

Peter's Pence, 30 de junio a 1 julio 2018

La colección proporciona al Santo Padre los medios financieros para responder a quienes sufren como resultado de la guerra, la opresión, los desastres naturales y las enfermedades. Gracias por solidarizarse con la Santa Sede a través de su generosidad. Los recursos de la parroquia en inglés y español están disponibles abajo o para la descarga en la página de web USCCB. Comuníquese con al 817-945-9441 si tiene preguntas adicionales.

Recursos parroquiales


Worldwide Marriage Encounter

June 2018

The Diocese’s program to building better marriage is coordinated by Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

Information from Worldwide Marriage Encounter coordinators is available for parishes to inform couples of upcoming Encounter events. Feel free to include this valuable information in your bulletins.

Please check out the the summer vacation getaways below!

June Bulletin Announcements
Summer Getaways


Método Billings Ovulación

Capacitación Para Maestros, 13-16 de julio

La Diócesis de Fort Worth está organizando una capacitación para maestros del Método Billings Ovulación desde el viernes 13 hasta el domingo 15 de julio en la parroquia de Santa Anna en Coppell. Si actualmente usa el método de Billings y ha pensado en convertirse en instructor, comuníquese con  o 817-945-9351. ¡Dios los bendiga a todos!


Annual Diocesan Appeal Newsletter

Support Our Future Priests

Do you know the money you generously donate to the Annual Diocesan Appeal helps to pay for seminary education for our future priests? As we look forward to the May 19 ordinations of Deacons Jonathan Demma and Maurice Moon as priests for the Diocese of Fort Worth, the May issue of Faith Hope Charity focuses on our 26 seminarians, for whom the Annual Diocesan Appeal provides major support. Hear “thank you” messages from two of them by clicking the links included in the newsletter. Also in this issue, progress toward our $3.3 million goal and news about parishes that have met their commitments to the Appeal.To learn more about other ministries supported by the Annual Diocesan Appeal or to make a contribution please visit or contact .

Deacon Maurice Moon Video
Seminarian Thomas Jones Video


Advancement Foundation

Advancing the Mission Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Advancing the Mission newsletter. You will see how busy the Advancement Foundation has been these past few weeks. News and photos abound in this eight-page edition! There have been events, such as the Stewardship Day of Renewal and the Phonathon for the Annual Diocesan Appeal. And many other news worthy items, like new videos highlighting ministries of the Annual Appeal and rising rates on Charitable Gift Annuities.

As always, we are here to serve. Please contact any member of the Advancement Foundation Team if you have questions or need more information about the contents of our newsletter.

Advancing the Mission Newsletter (May)


Planned Giving

Building Your Legacy

The Advancement Foundation is thrilled to unveil its new Building Your Legacy planned giving newsletter! The semi-annual newsletter is a source of information about the ways legacy gifts are making an impact here in the Diocese, changes in laws and regulations as they relate to planned giving, the importance of having a will and other timely topics.

Each one of us is building a legacy. That’s why we want you to share this newsletter with friends and family. Building Your Legacy is a great conversation starter, especially for those who might hesitate to bring up the subject of end-of-life planning. Use this newsletter as your ice-breaker! Or maybe you know someone who’s been thinking about making a legacy gift to their parish, Catholic school or the Diocese of Fort Worth, but isn’t sure where to start. Please pass along this information to them.

Building and planning for your legacy is a way to make a gift today that impacts the future. We hope you will find Building Your Legacy helpful as you prayerfully discern, “What will be my legacy?” As always, the staff at the supporting the Diocese of Fort Worth is always ready to assist you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Special Collection Calendar

Revisions to 2018-2019

Throughout the year, parishes throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth take up special collections to support the work of Christ in our Diocese, in the United States and throughout the world. Please give generously when these collections are announced in your parish.

Special Collection (2018)
Special Collection (2019)


Bulletin Inserts Links

Annual Diocesan Appeal Newsletter: Faith Hope Charity (May)
Advancement Foundation Newsletter: Advancing the Mission Newsletter (May)

Diocesan Firearms and Weapons Policy:

Diocesan Firearms and Weapons Policy


Diocesan Employment Opportunities

To better serve potential candidates for diocesan jobs, the e-Bulletin “Diocesan Employment Opportunities” has been streamlined into categories with links to the diocesan website that features comprehensive information about each job and a link to an application. The employment opportunities are broken into three categories: Catholic Center, parishes and schools. Click on a category to go to the diocesan web site to view all available jobs.

Catholic Center Employment

Catholic Center Employment

Parish Employment

Parish Employment

School Employment

School Employment


Diocesan Calendar

The Diocesan Electronic Calendar is a listing of major events and activities at the Diocese as well as in parishes and schools. Parishes and schools may submit information that may be of interest to individuals outside of a parish or school for inclusion on the diocesan electronic calendar with a hotlink to details if appropriate.

Diocesan Calendar

El Calendario de la Diócesis

El Calendario Electrónico de la Diócesis es una lista de los principales eventos y actividades en la Diócesis, así como en las parroquias y las escuelas. Las parroquias y las escuelas podrán presentar información que pueda ser de interés para las personas fuera de la parroquia o de la escuela para que se pueda incluir en el calendario electrónico de la Diócesis con un enlace directo a la información, si procede.

Calendario Diocesano

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