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The hands of a married couple.NFP Facts

  • The church reminds us that God has a design, a plan in mind for all of us. Part of the design for a married couple is that they share of each other intimately – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • That physical intimacy should take into consideration the nature and purpose of the marriage act as God intended it to be. Part of the "nature and purpose of the marriage act" is that we are to give of ourselves in many ways - including sexual intercourse. Two aspects of the intimacy of sexual intercourse that are inseparable are union and procreation.
  • Union meaning, when we make love, it should be a unitive act for us and for our relationship. There should be no barriers between the partners emotionally, spiritually or physically.
  • Procreation meaning, when we make love, there should be the possibility of an invitation for new life.


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The first two "facts" mentioned above usually don’t cause too much of a stir and people feel comfortable with their level of understanding. It’s usually the "union" and "procreation" statements that seem to cause a stir. Those statements are the basis for the Catholic teaching of contraceptives being immoral. Even though we should be "unitive" and "procreative" with our sexual relationship as a couple, we do not have to have a family of 10 children. If God’s plan for us is 10 - that is fine, but most likely that is not His plan for most of us. God wants us to have children. So, what are those statements of "union" and "procreation" saying to us in the modern day, as 21st century couples? Think of it this way: You are all getting married. If you have not already sent out your invitations, you will be at some point. You will have a list of people you are inviting, and your list might be too large. You may have cut some names, you might have even make a secondary list. Suppose you were to send out notices that read, "You are not invited to our wedding?" How would those be accepted by the people you were not inviting to your wedding? You would not think of sending out such notices, but is this not what we are doing to God’s design for our lives as couples? All God asks of us is that we be open to His plan for us – to give it a chance.


Please note: The Catholic Church has always upheld that all life is sacred. Some contraceptives, in a secondary function, can keep life that has begun from continuing any further. This happens when a fertilized egg is unable to implant due to a hostile environment in the female’s uterus.




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