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Catholic Schools


A young girl studies molecules in her science class.Each of the nineteen schools in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth are fully accredited through the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission. All high schools hold additional accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

The ministry of Catholic education is the fulfillment of the educational mission of the Catholic Church and has as its primary goal the continuous formation of the Christian person. Diocesan-wide curriculum guides are followed to meet and to challenge the talents and abilities of all students.

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Religious Education

Religious education and formation are provided on a daily basis.

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Core Curriculum

The core curriculum includes instruction in: Religion, language arts, math, science and social studies.

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Enrichment Courses

Enrichment courses include art, music, computer, physical education and foreign language instruction.

Students are provided opportunities to develop basic academic and physical skills, to pursue knowledge, and to critically study and analyze the world in which they live.



Kathryn Rangel
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

The Diocese of Fort Worth is dedicated to a Safe Environment. We offer extensive and mandatory training for all employees and volunteers. Please contact the Safe Environment office if you need assistance or to report an abuse or concern.

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