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Catholic Divorce Ministry


Who We Are

Catholic Divorce Ministry is the ministry of the North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics, Inc., working since 1974 to create a network of support for families experiencing separation and divorce. CDM speaks to the Church with the united, collective voice of separated and divorced Catholics.




What We Believe

We, the members of Catholic Divorce Ministry, North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics, reach out to our brothers and sisters and their families in the United States, Canada, and other countries, who experience the pain of separation and divorce.

We believe that the Church has a rich treasury of people, scripture, tradition, and pastoral ministry on which it can draw to serve its members whose marriages end in divorce. We strive to lay open this wealth and make known Christ's abundant love so that all who suffer from separation and divorce might experience healing, reconciliation, and new life.

We also recognize that separated and divorced people, through their vulnerability, suffering, courage, faithfulness, and patient endurance bear witness to Christ and his redeeming grace in the world. They are not mere recipients of the Church's compassion; they are, as well, ministers of that compassion.




Gregory A. Mills
Executive Director, Catholic Divorce Ministry

Delphine Exman
Vice President, Catholic Divorce Ministry