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Billings Ovulation Method (BOM)

The Billings Ovulation Method is a scientific method based on over 50 years of ongoing research yet easy to learn and use. This research has been conducted in Australia, Sweden, and Spain since it was developed by physicians John and Evelyn Billings of Melbourne, Australia. Couples using the Billings Ovulation Method track the woman’s cervical mucus to determine her daily signs of fertility. The Billings Method teaches couples to focus on sensation at the vulva to identify the pattern of fertility, without using any internal examinations or invasive practices. With this knowledge, four simple rules are applied universally for all reproductive categories (e.g. nursing, post-contraception, perimenopause, etc.). With this methodology couples not only learn when they are fertile or infertile, but why and if cycle variants need medical investigation. Teachers of the BOM are certified through BOMA-USA, the official representative of WOOMB in the United States.

As published in numerous journals, the Billings Ovulation Method is 99.5% effective in postponing pregnancy, providing couples follow the guidelines correctly.

Classes usually consist of 3 sessions spread out over a 3-month time frame, as well as personal follow ups for the first few months. (Instruction in Spanish is available in the area.)





Instructors with this icon Skype also offer class instruction via Skype. Please contact them individually for more information. If you do not have Skype you may download it here for free.


Tony and Marianne Abadie
Certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructors, Supervisors, Master Trainers
Coppell, TX
972-746-5142 Skype Instruction

Chris and Alexandra Cekuta
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Colleyville, TX

Paul and Amy Dossett
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Fort Worth, TX

Pam Elliott
Billings Ovulation Method Instructor
Colleyville, TX

Jon and Robyn Grime
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Muenster, TX

Walter and Ashley Johansen
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Lewisville, TX

Jorge and Monica Mendoza
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Weatherford, TX

Marc and Christina Sanders
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Azle, TX

Marcelo and Kelly Somers
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Coppell, TX

Zach & Sydney Curran
Billings Ovulation Method Instructors
Denton, TX