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Beirut Blast Relief

Special Emergency Collection for Disaster Relief in Beirut, Lebanon

A map of the city of Beirut, Lebanon, with the radius of the damage.
The explosion, felt 3+ miles away, leveled buildings and shattering windows for miles. 5,000 people were injured and at least 137 were killed. Please donate to help those in need!

In response to the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, Most Reverend Michael F. Olson has announced an emergency special collection in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Funds collected will be directed to the Eparchy of Our Lady of Angels through Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Lewisville, Texas.

Hosting more than 1-million Syrian refugees while battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon is already suffering from an economic and a healthcare crisis. On August 4, a massive explosion rocked the city, injuring more than 5,000 and killing at least 137. Officials are still evacuating residents, while trying to grasp the cost in human life and misery.

Caritas Lebanon is distributing emergency supplies, clearing rubble and preparing medical and mental health team for dispatch. When you give, you provide critical and immediate relief to the most vulnerable—hot meals, safe shelter, medication, hygiene kits and clean water. Your gift also helps ensure that mobile medical units and trauma support are available for those who need it most.

Bishop's Letter (English)
Carta del obispo (Español)

Your prayers and support are urgently needed. Please give generously and donate to help families affected by the explosion in Beirut.

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Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

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