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Basic Program Information


The application process for first-year students

Those interested should contact their pastor or ministry supervisor (e.g., DRE). The parish will verify that an applicant has the ability and proper motivation to serve as a lay ecclesial minister. Also, it will agree to co-sponsor the participant. Those interested in applying are then to fill out an application (Click here), seek their pastor’s signature, and submit it to the St. John Paul II Institute (Address: The Catholic Center, Attn: St. John Paul II Institute, 800 W. Loop 820 South, Fort Worth, TX 76108), or by email at .

For more information, call Irma Jimenez, SJP2 registrar, at 817-945-9354.


Tuition, Fees, & Expenses

  • $90 per year is the tuition for each student. (First-year students are asked to pay a $25 registration fee with their application that will be applied toward the $90 tuition. Student will be billed during the school year for their fees.)
  • $90 per year is the parish sponsorship of each student.
  • $320 per year is the responsibility of the Diocese of Fort Worth, paid by the Annual Diocesan Appeal


First Year Courses

  1. Introduction to Ministry (3 hours)
  2. Introduction to Scripture (12 hours)
  3. Christian Doctrine (12 hours)
  4. Liturgy and Sacraments (6 hours)
  5. Catholic Moral Principles (6 hours)
  6. Catholic Social Teachings (3 hours)*
  7. Prayer & Spirituality (3 hours)*
  8. Documents of Vatican II [3 hours)
  9. Principles of Ministry [Catechetical, Liturgical, Pastoral or Social] (6 hours)

* Assembly course offered every other year to all SJP2 students.


Second Year Courses

  1. New Evangelization* (3 hours)
  2. Church History (6 hours)
  3. Theology of Church (3 hours)
  4. Canon Law (3 hours)
  5. Critical Moral Issues (6 hours)
  6. Human Dynamics* (3 hours)
  7. Spirituality of Ministry (3 hours)
  8. Ethics in Ministry (3 hours)
  9. Methods of Ministry (6-12 hours)
  10. Ministry Project & Theological Reflection (6 hours)
  11. Gospel of John & Revelation (3 hours)
  12. Ecumenism (3 hours)

* Assembly course offered every other year to all SJP2 students.


Assemblies, Retreat, & The Seder Supper

  • All JP2 students are required to attend two assemblies, one in the fall and the other in the winter. The assemblies help make the SJP2 experience catechesis by providing worship and community as well as learning. In 2015, the fall assembly course will be "Prayer and Spirituality"; the winter course, "Social Justice." Students who do not attend any assembly over the two year program will not be commissioned.
  • In May and June of 2016 there will be retreats for SJP2 students. Students should make an annual retreat.
  • The Seder Supper provides a unique atmosphere of prayer and community. The 2016 Seder will be celebrated in Spanish. Attendance is not required at the Seder.
  • During the summer students will be invited to make a pilgrimage to a place of prayer in the area.


Ministry Courses

  • The SJP2 curriculum offers various types of courses related specifically to ministry. In both the first and second year there are general courses such as "Introduction to Ministry” and "Ethics in Ministry."
  • Beginning (first) year participants are required to take a "Principles" course of six hours in one of four areas (catechetical, liturgical, pastoral, and social) according to their preference.
  • Commissioning (second) year participants take a "Methods" course of 6-12 hours in a specific ministry of the area in which they have taken a "Principles" course. If a participant desires a ministry for which SJP2 does not provide a "Methods" course, he/she may seek training elsewhere with approval of Fr. Mele.
  • SJP2 participants are also required to complete a ministry "Practicum" consisting of a Ministry Project and Theological Reflection during their second year. In the Ministry Project the student plans a learning experience to enhance ministerial understanding and performance. After the project is completed, the student will do a Theological Reflection on her/his experience.


Required Books

Each SJP2 student should possess a copy of the following:

  • The Bible
  • The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
  • Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord
  • A Catholic Guide to the Bible by Oscar Lukefahr, CM (Year 1)
  • What You Should Know about Church History by Charlene Altemose, MSC (Year 2)
  • A Concise Guide to Canon Law by Kevin E. McKenna (Year 2)
  • Reading from other books, journals, websites, etc. may be required, especially in the second year.


SJP2 Classes & Attendance Policy

  • Classes last 150 minutes (two sessions of 75 minutes with a 15 minute break).
  • The Saturday morning class begins at 9 a.m. The lunch break lasts from 11:45 a.m. –12:45 p.m. The afternoon (second) class should finish by 3:30 p.m.
  • Evening classes begin at either 6:45 or 7:00 and continue until 9:30 or 9:45 p.m.
  • The Tuesday morning class begins at 9:15 and lasts until noon.
  • Classes normally begin with a shortened form of either Morning or Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Students may miss a total of four classes without making up for missed work. Absence from class beyond this, however, requires either the attendance of the missed class at another site, participation in SJP2 Summer Cycle or similar catechetical event (see Fr. Carmen for equivalencies).
  • In case of inclement weather or some other regional emergency, participants should check their email and the CONNECT site or call Fr. Carmen (415-279-9234). Winter weather advisories and warnings will likely mean a one-hour delay of the beginning of class.


Assignments & Certification

  • Assigned readings for classes in first year courses will be mainly from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults. Assignments for the second year will be taken from various sources.
  • Certificates of completion of the SJP2 program will be made on the basis of class attendance, completion of assignments, and the Ministry Project and Theological Reflection.


"Honors" Homework

  • Students have optional written assignments called, "Honors" homework, for most classes.
  • "Honors" work will be assigned at the beginning of the school year. However, instructors may replace the general assignments with special assignments for the classes that they teach.
  • Completion of written assignments will be recognized with a note on the commissioning certificate saying, "with honors."


Internet Option

SJP2 offers a correspondence course via email. This option requires participation in the SJP2 assemblies and the retreat. Internet learning necessitates a significant amount of reading and the monthly submission of written assignments. There will also be opportunity for on-line group discussions and postings on SJP2’s website.


Commissioning of SJP2 Ministers

Commissioning of SJP2 second year students takes place at the end of June. A student must have completed all SJP2 requirements (class attendance, payment of tuition, completion of Ministry Project and Theological Reflection, participation in a retreat, and Safe Environment compliance) by June 15 to receive a certificate at the commissioning ceremony.


Summer Cycle

SJP2 offers a program of classes and workshops during the summer for all interested, whether or not registered with SJP2. The objectives of the Summer Cycle are to offer ministers opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and to provide opportunity for SJP2 students to complete the basic requirements of their program. Summer Cycle information may be obtained on the diocesan website.


CONNECT & Other Social Media

CONNECT is the most comprehensive mechanism for SJP2 students to retrieve documents and information about JP2 activities. SJP2 also uses Facebook to communicate with students as well as emails and texts.

Login to CONNECT


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Rev. Carmen Mele, OP
Director of the St. John Paul II Institute

Marlon De La Torre, MA MEd.
Department Director for Catechesis

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Administrative Assistant


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