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Volunteer Training:

Adult & Teen

Students study in a classroom with male lecturer. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Who is required to take Safe Environment training?" ALL clergy, laity, religious and volunteers who work with children, youth and vulnerable adults are required to complete Safe Environment training every 3 years.

Because of the numerous and varied opportunities to serve the Church a common sense approach to determining who has "substantial contact" with children is necessary.

Substantial contact is:

  • Contact that is not incidental, or
  • The service is such that it is reasonable to think that the person may at some time have contact with children outside the sight or hearing of other responsible adults.

Others, while not volunteering for activities designed to minister to youth, may be considered as having significant contact if it is reasonable to think that they may at times have contact with children outside the sight or hearing of other responsible adults. Some examples of this might be the parish sacristan who (it is reasonable to think) will at some point have contact with children in his/her duties. Other examples might be maintenance volunteers with access to school or parish education areas, parish office volunteers, and landscaping volunteers if such activities take place while children are present.

Teen Leader Training

All teens will complete the Teen Volunteer Application and Teen Volunteer Survey Tool and turn the forms into the Safe Environment Coordinator of their home parish or school prior to registering for training.

The Teen Leader Training Facilitator will follow the class outline in the Teen Leader Trainer Resources.

The Safe Environment Coordinator will provide copies of the Teen Leader Class Handouts and Teen Leader Education Booklets.

Teen Volunteer Application
Teen Volunteer Survey Tool
Teen Leader Trainer Resources
Teen Leader Class Handouts
Teen Leader Education Booklets
Teen Leader Certificate Sign-In Sheet

Adult Training

Adult volunteer training is currently completed online at Safe and Sacred. Please refer to the Requirements page for all required documents to be completed prior to training. Safe Environment Coordinators will not provide the training link until all forms, interview and reference check are complete. Training certificates will also not be issued until a Criminal Background Check has been completed.



Richard Mathews
Director of Safe Environment

Nancy Mitchell
Assistant Director of Safe Environment

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